Ginger (switchel) Cookies

A great tasting, healthier cookie option with ginger and apple cider vinegar (switchel). Importantly, the EATRIGHT® Ginger (switchel) Cookie is nature inspired. It has a solid food matrix, to improve digestibility, regulation of energy and absorption of the various mineral and vitamin rich nutrients.

  • 65% Less total sugars than an average cookie, No sugar alcohols, Low lactose
  • Excellent natural sources of dietary fiber, low in sodium (Na)
  • Good natural source of magnesium (Mg), Iron (Fe), Zinc (Zn), Manganese (Mn), Niacin (B3)
  • Natural source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Thiamin (B1), Potassium (K)
  • Natural source of Protein and Amino Acids, Vegetarian friendly, No added yeast
  • Meets requirements for average adult essential amino acids, especially tryptophan
  • Non GMO, non BE, Less processed
Ingredients: cert. organic stoneground unhulled buckwheat flour, cert. organic unsalted butter, liquid carbohydrate (yeast reduced grape juice, dextrins), unfiltered native bush honey (incl. kanuka, honeydew), chicory root (vegetable) fiber, cold pressed cert. organic sunflower oil, ginger (certified organic ground, fresh root), cert organic apple cider vinegar.

Nutrition Information per 75g (2.6oz) (3 x 25g cookies over the course of a day) serving size - Energy 982kJ (235Cal)
Protein (5.3g), Fat-total (15.0g), Fat-sat (8.1g), CHO-total (16.7g), CHO-sugars (12.7g), Dietary Fiber (6.8g), Sodium (15mg), Potassium (279mg), Potassium (458mg), Vitamin A (115µg)(15%RDI), Thiamin (0.2mg)(15%RDI), Niacin (2.5mg)(25%RDI), Vitamin E (1.6mg)(16%RDI), Magnesium (105mg)(33%RDI), Iron (2.5mg)(20%RDI), Zinc (1.4mg)(12%RDI), Manganese (808µg)(16%ESADDI), Tryptophan (75mg)

Shelf life: 18 weeks or more depending on the storage methods used

300g pack; 12 cookies per pack 300g   NZ$ 6.57 Quantity
75g pack; 3 cookies per pack 75g   NZ$ 1.69 Quantity

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Yummy by Anna 19/08/21
I enjoyed the nice gingery cookies.