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We have a selection of handmade, recycled EATRIGHT® 'made of' card identifiers. For instance, we source unusual NEW ZEALAND” postcards from other Eat Right Foods Ltd stakeholders, re:find a set of fun promotional EATRIGHT® earrings or pendant (made using re-purposed labels/packaging/'laminated story boards') and other design initiatives.

As always, we will make it a secure and “seamless transaction” for you [seam n. Line of junction between two edges esp. those of two pieces of cloth; seamless a. (esp. of garment made in one piece) ref: OxDict]. All you need to do is click the EATRIGHT® “buy" button.

[**] “We’ve Got This” Nelson Tasman, NEW ZEALAND, postcards [Nelson Regional Development Agency (council owned, taxpayer funded)] are available with "Trafalgar St", "Split Apple Rock", "Cable Bay", "Great Taste Trail" and "Lake Rotoiti" options.

[†] Although Tasman Bay was named "Blind Bay" by Lieut. James Cook Commander of His Majesty's Bark Endeavour explored in 1769 and 1770 (The Chart of NEW ZEALAND was "published as the Act directs 1st Jan 1772") it is worth noting is that the survey pre-dated the use of the chronometer and Cook was inaccurate in his sightings from one to ten miles. Other inaccuracies were due to weather and time limitations (the expedition left with only 18 months of provisions) discouraging closer examination (excerpts from E&K Clark, hand printed intagilo map 239/450). Different from 2:13-cv-02174 dkt 63 p11 ln 14 "data caps...matter of blind luck".

Wherever possible, we illuminate where Eat Right Foods Ltd of NEW ZEALAND, “take[s] the cake or biscuit" [(sl.) surpass all] through illustrious prowess [prow, n. ship's bow; Gk proira] endeavors. For instance, "Consider the Source: NEW ZEALAND BioActives" [††] where "80% of all higher plants that grow in NEW ZEALAND are endemic [Gk endon within], not found anywhere else in the world...geographic isolation...evolution of a wealth of flora and fauna". And Horopito extract (compared to pharmaceutical product Itraconazole (Sporanox abbrev. "ITZ" [not dkt 32-2])) was found to have better *cure* rates at the end of 6mths and 12 mths [ref: PMID [X] 22217987].

NEW ZEALAND's sunshine (higher UVB levels [not UAB]) makes a BIG difference (ie “moderate dose of UVB light given to fresh, sliced carrots for 14 seconds can boost antioxidant capacity threefold” [†††]) a process called "actinism" [Gk aktis ray]. And the natural enzyme polyphenylalanine ammonia-lyase (EC boosted by UVB in carrots is also present in buckwheat, pumpkin seeds, oats, sunflower seeds, rice, pea, grape and ginger (ref: Brenda database). And the natural enzyme chalcone synthase (EC UVB boost is also present in buckwheat, oats, walnuts, apple, green beans, ginger and hoary [grey with age] or common stock [Matthiola incana [L incana quite grey] ethnobotany uses: cancer, diuretic, expectorant, stomachic, tonic (ref: Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) herbs & other economic plants, CRC Press); PMID 32668697].

“What [NEW ZEALAND pasture-fed cows [Lvacca cows]] eat" also matters [incl lucerne (medicago sativa) not Lucerne Foods Inc, USPTO # 87276210 or 87276185 (with a [Whole Trade [WFM Inc] UPC 099482-433443] pineapple in background; Aug14 email re: SC122679 [BPC violations] id 3(c) "PLU" [pineapple 4432; ANDI 54]); dkt 32-2 p11 " gift box”]. Where vaccine n. virus of cow-pox, virus of other diseases similarly used [L vacca cow] and New Zealand butter from livestock (FCDB ID F1047 vitamin A 827ug/100g; vitamin B12 0.68ug/100g; vitamin D 5.3ug/100g; vitamin E (tocopherols) 2.1mg/100g compared with FDC ID 790508 vitamin A 758ug/100g; vitamin B12 0ug/100g; vitamin D 0.4ug/100g; vitamin E (tocopherols) 0mg/100g (nb. use of non-organic & salted butter; organic & unsalted n/a).

Our focus on health issues such as iliac, a. (Of the flank (i. artery) affection due to intestinal obstruction [L. ilia flanks; ball v.i. [Teut.] form lumps]; not to be confused with Gk. eileos colic]), the first line of (food as medicine) defense are the EATRIGHT® [Latin (L): cura care; anti-surge rise, swelling] boosted sources of rutin et al. NOT Iliad n. Homeric poem describing siege of Troy or “Project…" [F. pelote ball, troupe] US v. Bazaarvoice Inc (3:13-cv-00133-WHO) 9Dec11; DOJ case-documents: 26Sep13 p65 “creates significant competitive barriers to entry and protects our flank”. Where flank n. side, margin, border. See also flak n. anti-aircraft fire [abbrev. of Flieger Abwehr Kanone] 12Apr14 hostility to "WFMI" evidence. And "Homer St" (Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5) #400-856 location of legal "partner" (and Queen's Counsel) 8May13 offer to find “appropriate legal counsel in the US” for Eat Right Foods Ltd.

But illative a. inferential (of words) [L lat-, p.p. (past or passive participle) stem of fero bear. Where 2:13-cv-02174 dkt 32-5 p6 "BEAR" participled a. (sl. substitute for damned &c.) -ferous suf. (nat. hist. &c) -bearing, -yelding, -having [L fero bear] and conceal, v.t. Hide or keep secret [L celo hide]. damnify v.t. (legal) cause injury to [L damnum harm]. Dictionary references: ● Oxford ● University ● Press ● AC OX Dominus Illuminatio Mea (sec.(ond). ed, '34)).

Where USPTO TTAB # 91202219 dkt 74 P "FINAL BRIEF: TM RULE 2.128" p14 ln 10-11 “Whole Foods mistakenly made a payment intended for Eat Right when it meant to pay Applicant. Id., 85:11-87:14, Ex. 38”. The financial transaction was identified by Ms. CLAYTON [CLAYTON Act], communicated by Ms. BROWN, Fremont CA 94538 [370 U.S. 294 & 548 F.3d 1028 (2008)] to Ms. DOUGLAS [386 U.S. 568 (1967), Justice DOUGLAS]-Clifford. Where Mr. Scharmann [SHERMAN Act] undertook cost file uploads of EATRIGHT® products into Whole Foods DVO (National Ordering System) & VIP (Vendor Information Portal 2:13-cv-02174 dkt 26-3). But, prior to May’09, phone/email orders for EATRIGHT® “mixed cases” etc were placed directly by Ms. WHITE [221 U.S. 106 (1911)] at the “NC BKR” Berkeley store [BERKEY 603 F.2d 263, 276 (2d Cir. 1979) Judge MULLIGAN; c/- 18-35473 “mulligan…(WFM Br. at 1, 15, 16)”]. And "cut a check from Whole Foods" for "store FMT" was actually "(PN FMT)" 3535 NE 15th Ave [proximity to NE Fremont St], Portland, OR [3:2007mc09152] not a diluted “TX Store” assumption [2:13-cv-02174 dkt 27-2 WFM Beverage Corp, WFM Beverage Holding Company or dkt 26 id 4 “WFMI own distribution centers” Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain/Southwest, L.P. ]. See also “PN FMT” 1st name contact zephyr n. west wind...gauzy fabric [Gk] ref: OX Dict.; see also "" 18Jan17 acquisition 374 U.S. 321, 370, 83 S.Ct. 1715, 1745 (1963)], taken into collective consideration become non-RANDOM [1:21-cv-02886] acts.

Compare also
1. Gerald Ratner of Ratner Jewelry, during an Institute of Directors presentation at the Royal Albert Hall, called his own company products “total crap” (22Aug92). Subsequent customer contempt included ₤1 earrings were cheaper than a prawn sandwich [with USPTO TTAB 91202219 dkt 74 “sandwich” relevance] and
2. John Mackey of Whole Foods Market, Market Hall (2:13-cv-02174 dkt 32-5) “we sell a bunch of junk” (ref: Wall Street Journal pub. 5Aug09), bagel cream cheese lox sandwich product recalled due to listeria risk (dkt 27-13) and Institute of Directors presentation (13Sep23) dkt 26-2 p6 relevance.
p[r]awn n. Piece of least value in chess; (fig) person used as mere tool [L pedo foot-soldier] with foot-soldier relevance in US v. Bazaarvoice Inc (3:13-cv-00133) “Project Peloton” DOJ case-documents 26Sep13 p65. g[r]ist n. Substance, pith, point, (of remarks &c) [L jaceo lie]. g[r]aff n. (sl). Low theatre or music-hall (usu. penny g. (ref: OX Dictionary 4th ed).

Other relevant "inferential" examples include:
1. root-STOCK & plant-STOCK [plant variety rights (PVR): gold kiwifruit et al]
2. STOCK-yards, liveSTOCK [farmer rights: P&S Act [dkt 26-1] 7 U.S.C. §§ 181-229], fishSTOCK [skin game (U.S. sl.) swindle, piece of trickery; USPTO # 85170215 01Jun12 “skin” on salmon specimen]
3. card-STOCK [design rights (D) “Eatright Cookie Carton”; Medal Won “H/C” dkt 26 id 2 v. “2007…fiber packaging” (where packaging = a protective "skin") dkt 27-1 p13] but private label threats include: "(4) packaging change waste" (ref: The Competition Effects of Lookalike Private Label Products by Paul W. Dobson and Li Zhou) and 2:13-cv-02174 dkt 27-2 "WFM Gift Card, LLC"
4. STOCK-exchange "share…clearing house" [ref: dkt 32-5, p2]. Clearing-House at which bankers exchange cheques [checks]. “Whole Foods…made a [check] payment intended for Eat Right when it meant to pay Applicant. Douglas-Clifford Testimony, 85:11-87:14, Ex. 38” [ref: UPTO TTAB # 91202219 dkt 74]
5. STOCK (liquid prepared by stewing bones &c. as basis for soup [“mulligan”. 1st ["stock"] dilution dkt 61 [WFMI; WFMS, WFMPNW]; 2nd ["stock"] dilution [WFMI: AMZN]; 2nd Ninth Cir. Appeal 18-35473 dkt 16 p2 (ID: 11067659); dkt 26 p20])
6. STOCK & STOCK-holdings [Eat Right Foods Ltd trademark rights (TM) v. dkt 27-1 SEC 10-k '13 filing has 159 "stock" references. Where "EatRight™ America" instore & Nutritional Excellence LLC exclusions. "Eat Right America™...prepared foods a source" is the only SEC disclosure EVER in “letter to stakeholders” [††††] now redirected to WFM UK ([2024] UKSC 8)]. Where AMZN 10-k's (filing dates (2020-01-31, 2021-02-03, 2022-02-04, 2023-02-02 and 2024-02-02) all exclude relevant "PUBLIC" case number 3:13-06032 and "PUBLIC" case number 2:13-02174 (dkt 149 filed 01/28/20) 10-k ref:
7."Mine Safety Disclosures" repetitively considered "Not Applicable" despite evidence of "singled out" data mining. For instance, Starkey Spring Water USPTO 86642351 from "DEEP Down" USPTO # 86076718 water from two miles DEEP, geothermal, thru "fractures and fissures" [WFM acquisition then AMZN assignment] but on notice for "heavy metal" health concerns and "ESG" safety issues. Where Feb&Mar'24 "sold more than [$4.9B] of stock" is an example of “swing the lead” ie "to sink as low…as it is possible to do" and also describes "anybody making excuses".

P.S. Time applicable ('06-'21) online shop purchases of Eat Right Foods Ltd EATRIGHT® products for financial "Payment by : Credit CARD" ALL included the secure capture of “CCard”; “ Holder”; “Exp” and "Sec" details. Shop updates, Nov'21 onwards, "SEC" changed to "CVC". "SEC" is also an abbreviation for "US Securities and Exchange Commission" where an investigation was opened into WFMI's Chairman & CEO use of pseudonym "rahodeb" (indirect anagram [ana-: up, back, anew; -graph: record] of Deborah) to disparage Wild Oats Markets stock .

Footnote: “To design the foods of the future, we need to understand what happens inside people in the same way as understanding any other process” (ref: Designing food structures for nutrition and health benefits by Norton JE et al Annu Rev Food Sci Technol 5:177–195 (pub. 2014))

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Postcard: 1. Trafalgar St, 2. Split Apple Rock, 3. Cable Bay, 4. Great Taste Trail or 5. Lake Rotoiti  
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