Date & Apple (form-erly FREEBEE) COOKIE *Re-considering*

This cookie was the first of its kind back in 2002. In its original form-ation, it was called the EATRIGHT® FreeBee cookie. Importantly, it was 'Free' of ‘Bee’ producing honey: a non-permitted ingredient for vegan customers/consumers and, although rare, allergenic reaction to traces of bee pollen in raw honey. And, although honey is still NOT used, the name was changed in 2006 to reflect the date-apple aromatics ('aroma triggers the digestive system') [1].

For its development, we gratefully received from Technology New Zealand, Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (a Grant for Private Sector Research and Development (GPSRD) 33.3% of costs including “technical stretch” that covered "the rigour, originality, and scientific and technological difficulty of the applied research and experimental development proposed").

After significant laboratory testing, necessary to meet the National Heart Foundation Tick License Program strict guidelines (including fibre tested to AOAC985.29 (unable [in 2007] to be tested to AOAC 997.08 so not able to take into account the full fibre content as per the FSANZ Food Code)), it was the "first" approval in the sweet biscuit category in Australasia [2].

The product is currently undergoing re-consideration (including in silico, in vitro and in vivo testing and/or support literature) as more research comes into light.

  • No added refined white sugar (contains natural sugars only)
  • Natural source of Vitamin PP (prevents pellagra) [with niacin not added to the ingredient list]
  • Natural source of Rutin ("Vitamin P" or reduction of capillary "permeability" vitamin ("although evidence is inconclusive"))
  • NO casomorphins, lactorphins, lactoferroxins, and casoxins (from milk), NO gluten exorphins (from wheat), LOW oryzatensin (from rice) [3]
  • Potential claim: contains more than 3g of prebiotics per serving from at least two sources
  • Low in fat, low in saturated fat
  • A vegan friendly product (ingredients of animal origin ie no milk, eggs, honey or gelatin)
  • No hydrogenated oils (ie no high temperature oil processing, cold pressed oils only)
  • No gums (no xanthan, guar or other food gum additives)
  • No sugar alcohols (no polyols such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, lactitol or isomalt)
  • No “E” numbers (so no (EFTA) codes used)
  • GE/GMO free (no genetic engineered ingredients, genetic modification free)
Ingredients: certified organic naturally gluten free unhulled buckwheat flour, dates, liquid carbohydrate (yeast reduced grape juice, rice dextrins), spray free or certified organic lemon juice, cert organic oil, organic dried mixed varietal apple pomace possibility (rich in pectin), natural vanilla essence.
Nutritional Information: Recalculation in progress

Please note: May contain occasional fruit stones
Shelf life: 12 weeks or more ["best before does not mean throw away after"]. Able to be [IQF] frozen indefinitely
Packaging: Stand-up, compost-able, unseal and reseal ability packs now available
Country of Origin: Made in New Zealand [4] from New Zealand ingredients [5] and imported ingredients
Detail: Made, packed and distributed by Eat Right Foods Ltd under our EATRIGHT registered trademark [5]
Address: PO Box 1525 [Level 1, 6 Church St], Nelson 7040, New Zealand

1 packet of 12 (300g)   NZ$ 6.57 Quantity
1 cookie (75g)   NZ$ 1.69 Quantity


EatRight cookies. Mostly Organic, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Not over processed, extruded or mass produced, vegetarian suitable, Non GMO.