This cookie was the first of its kind, originally called the EATRIGHT® FreeBee Cookie (abbr. FB). Importantly, it is 'Free' of ‘Bee’ [1] producing honey: a non-permitted ingredient for vegan customers/consumers (rare, allergenic reactions can occur due to traces of bee pollen). And, although honey is still NOT used in this product, the name was changed in late 2006 to reflect the [Phoenix dactylifera L.] date and apple aromatics ('aroma triggers the digestive system'). For example, Export Year '07 TV news reporter commenting enthusiastically on taste and smell quality attributes [to help to try to explain design ‘imperfections’ of the online market] [2].

For its development, we gratefully received from Technology New Zealand, Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (a Grant for Private Sector Research and Development (GPSRD) 33.3% of costs including “technical stretch” that covered "the rigour, originality, and scientific and technological difficulty of the applied research and experimental development proposed").

After significant laboratory testing, necessary to meet the National Heart Foundation Tick License Program strict guidelines (including fibre tested to AOAC985.29 (unable [in 2007] to be tested to AOAC 997.08 so not able to take into account the full fiber content as per the FSANZ Food Code)), it was the [uncontroverted] "first" approval in the sweet biscuit category in Australasia [3] and possibly elsewhere too.

The product is currently under-consideration, including in silico, in vitro and in vivo testing and/or support literature, as more research comes into light (natural source of 'IRON' and thiamine from whole [non-gluten] flour ingredients, natural care...'[big-]dog' issues [4] and insights such as “Dogs (Canis familiaris) as Sentinels…” by Natasha H. Browser and Neil E. Anderson (pub. Sep’18)

And, although the Bates [Halbert] White Antitrust Conference (pub. 6Jun16) (nb. different to [E. Douglass] WHITE and the "WHITE court" where [L albus white] 2:13-cv-02174 dkt 32-2 p10) included “qualitative evidence [to do] the heavy lifting”, orders for eg “Cruise Planners” of Gray St, CO (between ’08-‘09) included “ship” weights of 2kg and not “tonnage” (n. ships cubic content or carrying capacity…; charge per ton on freight; (hist.) duty on imported [of terroir] wine per tun (usu. tonnage & poundage) and lighterage n. fee for shifting goods between ship & land (ref: Dictionary 4th ed).

The "content[s]" include a polyphenol content reference number (“for scientific research purposes only”) courtesy of the Phenol-Explorer: an online comprehensive database on polyphenol contents in foods. Database by Neveu V, Perez-Jiménez J, Vos F, Crespy V, du Chaffaut L, Mennen L, Knox C, Eisner R, Cruz J, Wishart D, Scalbert A. (pub. Jan’10) For details, please visit and enter the code numbers

CONTENTS: (in descending, quantity of ingredients, order)
1. Cert. organic [sound, sweet and clean; ‘whole’ not “reconstituted whole”] brank flour:- code # 321 [eg Quercetin-3-0-rutinoside content 36.14mg/100g]
2. Dates [Phoenix dactylifera L.], dried :- code # 913. Glutathionergic [cysteine] 110ppm-1140ppm
3. Liquid carbohydrate:- (non specific) grape juice codes # 243, 246; wholegrain rice code # 354. Catalase [CAT] and cysteine sources [-ppm]
4. Spray free [Citrus meyerii (Rutaceae) medicinal] or cert. organic [Citrus limon (Rutaceae) food] lemon juice:- code # 17 [eg Hesperidin 17.81mg/100ml]
5. Cert organic cold pressed oil:- (polyphenol data n/a)
6. 'In-house cut' organic dried apple [rings to dices]:- (polyphenol content: whole, raw) code # 23. Source of catalase [CAT]. Indications (Apple): diverticular disease
7. Natural vanilla essence (polyphenol content data n/a)

  • No added refined white table sugar (a NON ["hand-in-hand" Jun'18] product...contains natural sugars only)
  • USA label “proofs”: Iron 5%. [contributes to normal COGnitive function
  • Natural source of Vitamin PP (prevents pellagra) [ie niacin in the product, not added to the ingredient list]
  • Natural sources of Rutin ("Vitamin P" or reduction of capillary "permeability")
  • NO casomorphins, lactorphins, lactoferroxins, and casoxins (from milk), NO gluten exorphins (from wheat), LOW oryzatensin (from rice) [4]
  • Potential claim: contains prebiotics
  • Low in fat, low in saturated fat
  • No raising or aeration agents used: authentic nutrient intensity
  • A vegan friendly product ('free from' ingredients of animal origin so no milk, eggs, honey or gelatin)
  • No hydrogenated oils (cold not high temperature oil processing)
  • No gums (no xanthan, guar or other food gum additives)
  • No sugar alcohols (no polyols such as sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, erythritol, maltitol, lactitol or isomalt)
  • No “E” numbers (so no (EFTA) codes used)
  • GE/GMO free (no genetic engineered ingredients, genetic modification free)
Nutritional Information: Recalculation in progress

Please note: [Free from] any public food safety recall postings
Uses: Eat yourself or 'share' with others. Can be crumbed into an equivalent weight of potable water to eat as a porridge or pudding. Can also be toasted, with or without additional garnishes.
Location life: On shelf, on table etc: 12 weeks or more. Nb. "best before" does not mean ['sell by'] with "throw away after". In freezer: [IQF] indefinite. In chiller: [temp. dependent]
Processes include: Organic, where possible (no glyphosate accelerator drying), "moderately slow" thermodynamics, short times and a multitude of other feats required from product curiosity to consumption
Packaging: [pre] Stand-up shelf-ready, [post] flattening for compost-ability. Impetus seal, easy tear opener, zipper reseal
Country of Origin: Made in NEW ZEALAND [5] from NEW ZEALAND ingredients [6] and imported ingredients
Food SAFETY Verification: Certificate Number 2699 (an International Accreditation NEW ZEALAND (IANZ) third-party inspection body audit, pursuant to the Food Act 2014) issued to Eat Right Food Ltd for the manufacture, processing, exporting, packing, holding and distribution of food products. And the independent audit company is ISO 17020 accredited
Additional Audited Compliance: Australian NEW ZEALAND Food Standards Act 1991 (FSANZ Act) and Code 2002; CAFTA Model Recall Procedure: Food Australia, 45(7), 313-316 1993; Codex Alimentarius Commission: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) System & Guidelines Annex to CAC/RCP 1-1969, Revised 2022; Food Regulations 2015 (LI 2015/310), version July 2023 and Fair Trading Amendment Act 2021
Availability: At this stage, an EATRIGHT® Online Shop Only product
Address: PO Box 1525 [Level 1, 6 Church St], Nelson [zip code] 7040, NEW ZEALAND

Product Details

  • Dates (PHOENIX dactylifera L.) Activities: Candidicide (1; ABS). Indications: Candida (1; ABS) et al. Duke, J. A. et al. 2002. CRC Handbook of medicinal herbs
  • Apple (Malus domestica) Activities: Antiinflammatory (1; JNU), Vermifuge (f; CRC; WOI). Indications: *Diverticulosis* (1; JNU), Worm (f; CRC; WOI) [†]. Duke, J. A. et al. 2002. CRC Handbook of medicinal herbs
  • Antiallergic: Rutin, Quercetin (IC50=14uM), Vitamin B 50mg/2x/day. Antiallergenic phytochemicals in apple: Gallic-Acid, Myricetin USDA's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases (published online 2016)
  • Pharmaceuticals will kill more than 100,000 Americans a year, as per JAMA, a propharmaceutical journal, while herbs will kill fewer than 100, as per the conservative Washington POST in an ANTIHERB article (Gugliotta, March 19, 2000). On May 1, 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggested that adverse drug reactions may be the leading cause of death in the United States.
  • Non-tropical Plants Yielding Clinically Useful Drugs. Citrus species. Drug: Hesperidin, rutin. Action/Clinical Use: Capillary antihemorrhagic. Farnsworth, N. R. & D. D. Soejarto. 1988. The Conservation of Medicinal Plants (unpublished draft manuscript rev. 23)
  • EFSA Article 13 (pub. Apr’11) ID 2059: “Natural Grape Extract From red grape skin”. ID: 2061. Middleton E, Jr., Kandaswami C, Theoharides TC, 2000. The effects of plant flavonoids on mammalian cells: implications for inflammation, heart disease, and cancer. Pharmacol Rev, 52, 673-751
  • EFSA Article 13 (pub. Apr’11) ID 2475: “Phoenix dactylifera (Date)” and “Antioxidant activity” No authors listedm, PartySmart - Product Monograph. HerbalScience Group LLC.
  • EFSA Article 13 (pub. Apr’11) ID 2713: “Pyrus malus (Common Name Apple) extract powder containing polyphenols” and “Blood glucose control” Johnston KL, Clifford MN, Morgan LM, 2002. Possible role for apple juice phenolic compounds in the acute modification of glucose tolerance and gastrointestinal hormone secretion in humans. J Sci Food Agric, 82, 1800-1805. et al
  • Demulcent activity: dates, grape, lemon and apple.
  • GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid [neurotransmitter] ('chemical terms an amino acid' (primary amine (gamma NOT alpha) and carboxylic acid) source: date (2,660-3,370ppm). USDA's Phytochemical, Ethnobotanical Data (epub. '16)
  • [†] worm (werm). 1. n. Kinds of invertebrate limbless creeping animal some of which are parasitic in the intestines &c., insignificant or downtrodden or debased person, spiral part of screw &c., (a w. will turn, there are things the meekest will not submit to…) Pocket Oxford Dictionary (4th ed.'42, revised '52)
  • [*] EATRIGHT® Organic Dried Apple Rings: EATRIGHT® Better Shipper Initiative: One Pack Only for One Kg [“rather than a multi-waste box, bag”, no containers with caps/lids or added carrier/courier/recycled packs]. Product label, shipping label, 2.2Lbs of product contents, one biodegradable clear pack, shipable anywhere [nb. THIS product is also a definite possibility]
  • [^] GIobal Innovation Index 2021 ranked NZ 1st [ease of starting] a business. Doing Business World Bank 2022 'data' ranked NZ 36th [ease of resolving] recovery, reallocation, reorganize, rearrange, restructure a business to reduce failure. A need for anti-flak appetizer-preneuses, entree-preneuses AND afters-preneuses to reset or renew innovation economies [depoly, LICENSE and sale]
  • F[r]eebee phonetic Phoebe. Phoeb'us (feb-), n. Greek sun-god; (poet.) the sun. [Gk. Phoibos], phon'ics n. [Gk phoneo speak] Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English; Compiled by F.G. & H.W. Fowler 4th ed '42; revised by Mesurier & McIntosh '46; corrections '47, '49, '52
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